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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 8, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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developing news tonight. one person is dead. and three others have minor to serious injuries. all following an accident on lakeville highway. it happened in un-incorporated sonoma county --- near petaluma. kron-4's philippe djegal is live tonight. where it happened. he has the latest.
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philippe? "how the trailer was secured is still being looked into and whether or not that was a user- error or mechanical failure that led to the trailer becoming dislodged." one bore of the caldecott tunnel is closing over the course of the weekend during the night time hours and part of the day. in order to make some important repairs to the approach.
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one critic says it leads to fantasies, asking one charity to stop buying anything from that company as the photograph has since been taken down, but american apparel is known for their provocative ads with past controversies to prove it. >> in concord here at the sun valley mall the back-to-school shopping frenzy is in full effect. the items on those family lists, they use backpacks and new shoes. the national retail federation estimates that the average american family is going to spend nearly $700 for back-to- school items. people i spoke to out here, they say that the number seems
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about right. >> for me it's like $600. and for just one person. >> reporter: maureen kelly, kron 4 news. in sports the a's get a record setting performance from their bullpen. and the little leaguers advance to the western region finals. gary has highlights all in sports next. bulldog: you don't need to camp out
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they start out with scott on the hill. and then eric sogard into the gap and there you go you figure the game is over. minnesota to their credit comes back. all of a sudden it is 6-5a's. the bullpen though from there, forget about it. sean doolittle and his beard, the oakland a's bullpen set a franchise record 28 2/3 consecutive scoreless innings. it's doolittle's 16th save. the angels lose again to the red sox as the a's lead the league by four games. hunter pence and all his signs, yeah, he is smiling a little bit. pence becoming an internet sensation these days. and how about matt duffy singling to right.
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now moore scores, but arias is thrown out of home. the game is tied at 2 in the 3rd and the giants had 5 hits, scoring only five runs. here is morris' throw. oh, duffy, he throws it away trying to go back to 1st. runners now at 1st and 3rd. two errors on the same play. and then billy butler singling to the right. one of those nights where he was not bad, but the fielding behind him was lousy. 4-2 royals. once again dodgers lose, giants are still 3 1/2 games back. and all we do is whine about it. all we do is show you the highlights. but first to the little league world series. wake up. you've got pacifica, nearby pacifica with spencer corales going to right field. the no. one seed is hawaii. and he is 12.
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that is elijah rick, good grief. little pacifica has moved on to the western regional finals, and you know what is after that? williamsport, pa, upsetting no. 1 seed hawaii 1-0. now to exhibition football. again, we always say, oh, why do we show it, because it is football. anything with football these days people at least look up. but it is matt cassel as minnesota leads 7-0. to maurice jones out of the back field. if the raiders are going to be any good, it has to be schaub that needs to play well. he is just fighting for a roster spot with the rookie out of fresno state. and he was 11-18, 98 yards, but the vikings win, 10-6. no tiger woods on the weekend at the pga
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championship. round two, jackie willard will be okay for rounds two, three, four. >> why do you put me on the spot like this when i have not looked at the forecast? >> it is either looking bad or you. >> it's in the united states. here is tiger woods. he shot 74, which is the major role in the fourth time for their career. rory mc-- mcilroy is your leader. it is mcilroy feeling good about himself. pam, i'm going to tell you that you stay up late. go home and flip on the nba channel. great stuff in the hall of fame tonight. he received a lifetime achievement award. he gets the international award as he came over from lithuania. and this man, mitch richmond, four warriors in one night going into the hall of fame, but some of the speeches were
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great. so go to your cable and enjoy yourself. >> thank you, and good night. female announcer: through sunday at sleep train,
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shot on the highway. >> i just got shot at. >> are you hit? >> yes, i'm hit. >> the injured driver chases the gunman. >> i'm trying to catch up to him now. >> why in the world would you follow? but did he do the right thing? then, for the first time ever, the model who escaped the manson family massacre, on her way to sharon tate's house that horrific night 45 years ago. >> the miraculous twist of fate that saved her life. >> this was something so incomprehensible. and a steal on one of the most expensive handbags in the world. but -- >> it's totally a fake. >> should she get stuck holding the bag? >> everything in my store is authentic. >> take my cat, please. >> ide


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